The Church exists to spread a message of peace and brotherhood to the world.

Our creed is simple:
  1. An' it Harm None, Do as though Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law.
  2. Nature, to be commanded, must be Obeyed
  3. Nature, to be obeyed, must be Understood.
  4. Virtue is not required, but it is generally appreciated. The only thing we can require is that you leave our people in peace.
  5. Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. If you can't help, don't hang on his gun arm.
  6. You cannot have peace while you wage war. Yeet your dollars!
  7. You cannot expect peace if you are unprepared for war. Please, stay armed and trained.
  8. Resign from your race. Just check "other", and fill in "human".
  9. The Declaration of Independence is a better bill of rights:
    • Life.
    • Liberty.
    • And the Pursuit of Happiness.
    • And to overthrow the government.
  10. Forgive yourself for being human. There are no perfect people.